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Not Today: Jealousy

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Not today. What do those words mean to you? Do they mean not for the next 24 hours? Not for the next week? Maybe yesterday, but not today?

Lately I have been trying to live by the mantra “one day at a time.” I’m only focusing on the day ahead: what I can control in the next day and what is right in front of me. Not tomorrow or next week or months from now. Just today. And boy is that hard. 

Do you know what else I struggle with? Jealousy. Jealous of the girl who always seems to be hanging out with her friends at all the cool spots around town. Jealous of my friend who always seems to be out on the road. Jealous of my married friends because I’m still single. But you know what? Maybe the girl who’s always hanging out with a group of friends doesn’t have any close girlfriends like I do. Maybe the friend who is always out on the road desperately wishes they could be at home and live a somewhat “normal” life. And maybe my married friends are truly struggling in their marriage. 

Social media has truly transformed the issue of jealousy. How were we jealous before social media? We had to personally be friends with someone to really be able to be jealous of them. We were not privy to everyone’s waking moment that they decide to share on social media. 

I’m trying to implement being off social media for one weekend every month. Then maybe I will extend it to one week. I’ve done it before, and it’s amazing how empowering one little action can be. Yes, it’s hard. But it’s worth it. 

I recently heard in a podcast that just because someone else succeeds, their success does not equal our failure. Let’s start celebrating one another instead of being jealous! We can make little changes every day that will add up. Hopefully others see these changes, and want to change their own lives as well. 

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