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Passion 2011

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Right about now one week ago, I checked into a hotel downtown Atlanta not totally sure what God was up to. That night, as I was led into the heart of worship in the midst of 22,000 college students, I knew without a shadow of a doubt that I would walk away from Passion 2011 changed.
It’s hard to even begin to delve into every detail and everything I experienced over my four days at Passion, but I do know that I walked away different–different in my view of God and my view of worship. I connected with seven strangers who I started doing life with in my family group. I made deeper connections with the friends that I had traveled with. Most importantly, I made a life-changing connection with the God of the universe.
Sessions led by Louie Giglio, Francis Chan, Beth Moore, Andy Stanley, and Gabe Lyons left me with pages of notes and questions to reflect on. Watching 22,000 of my peers worship unashamedly was inspiring and uplifting. Lyrics written specifically for Passion touched me at my core and are helping define dreams that God has placed on my heart.

Now, one week later, I’m excited to see how God continues to utilize what I experienced at Passion in my every day life. I’m excited to see how all of my notes continue to sink deep inside me. Above everything, I do not want my life to characterized by living for God when it’s easy. I want to live for Jesus Christ in everything that I say and do–regardless of the circumstances.

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