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People Are Not Like Fast Food

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As I have been at the capitol this week, I have noticed something: people are not like fast food. “Wow,” you are probably thinking, “it took an internship with the Speaker of the House for her to realize this?!” No, I do not mean that people are not like fast food literally. Let me give you an example of what I mean.

Speaker Cretul’s legislative assistant, Gina, is amazing. I don’t think one word can really capture the impression that Gina leaves on those she touches. She does not treat people like “fast food.” She takes those extra minutes to really talk to people, remember names, recognize faces, and truly care about what she is doing. This really makes a big difference in Tallahassee, trust me. Everyone knows Gina and everyone absolutely loves her! Why?–she takes the time to invest in others by not treating them like a simple delivery through a drive-through window. She actually sits down and enjoys the meal. Does that make sense?

Psalm 53:4 says, “Don’t they know they can’t get away with this, treating people like a fast-food meal over which they’re too busy to pray?” Fast food meals are rarely enjoyed or remembered. A meal where one sits down and takes the time to enjoy it is was truly makes a difference. Take the time to really touch those around you today. You may just be surprised at how much you enjoy getting to know them!

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