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Rock Foundations.

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How are foundations built? Tonight I was challenged to build on what’s solid, not shifting. Matthew 7 teaches, “A wise man builds his house on a rock.” We’re a people good at “doing,” but we’re not all that great at “being”…sitting at the feet of Jesus and listening to what He is saying. It’s in the sitting that rock foundations are established.What am I discovering about my foundations? Those that are built on solid rock are founded on pure trust in Jesus. The shifting foundations in my life—the moments I get stressed, worried, anxious, or try to control what’s happening around me—are the moments I’m not sitting and listening. Those are the moments I find myself talking at Jesus more than I am listening to what He’s saying. Ouch.

Worry reveals a sandy foundation…a foundation built on trusting myself rather than Jesus. It’s in those moments I have to choose to either embrace wading through the quicksand or stop what I’m doing, sit down, listen and ask Jesus to rebuild me from the inside out.

Foundations are discovered and built at a crossroads of trust—choosing to trust myself or Jesus. My own wavering inability or His rock solid, never failing strength.

And it’s at this crossroads that we discover what we’re really made of & who we are really striving to become—attempted self-made men and women or people relentlessly chasing after the heart of Jesus, choosing to put our trust in Him.

Tonight, I’m wrestling with this question: what do my foundations say about me & the woman I’m becoming?

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