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Still Sporting that Orange & Blue

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Many people speculated where former UF quarterback, Tim Tebow, would be drafted in the NFL. I think the Denver Broncos were onto something when they drafter Tebow. I mean, he already looks great in orange and blue, so why change?!

The cool part about Tim Tebow’s journey to the NFL is built so much into his character. The Broncos ignored social criticism and the many opinions of others and went straight to the facts about #15….his character makes him a winner not only in the stadium, but also on the field of life. Before Tebow was drafted, an NFL reporter spoke with him about the criticism going on about Tim’s future. How did Tebow respond? He literally said thank you. What others meant to harm him ultimately fueled him to excel. Talk about character! Check out this video.

Now we are into Tebow’s NFL career and today he launched his brand new website! Stay in touch with Tim Tebow by visiting his Website, chatting on Facebook, or getting the latest on Twitter.

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