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struggling to write

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This isn’t normal. Usually words pour out of me like the air I breathe. But for the past few weeks, I’ve been struggling to write. Struggling to put pen to paper.

And trust me, it’s not for a lack of topics. I’ve actually made a list of posts to write, topics to dive into, and subjects to explore. I’ve read and researched. But I haven’t written…or maybe more accurately, I just haven’t sat down to write.

I think the bigger picture here though has to do with seasons. I haven’t lost my ability to write or formulate my thoughts. Writing is still my therapy, my sweet spot, my medication. But the reality of my story is that 10 weeks ago I entered a new chapter and I think I’ve been struggling with how to share my voice in a chapter I have never seen before.

Up until now, writing about life has occurred in familiar, methodical territory. It feels like you’re handed a road map to life that lasts until you hit college graduation and then you’re on your own—welcome to adulthood. Before May 5th, I experienced life in a pattern set before me. Now, I’ve stepped into a new chapter, a new adventure, a time to explore, discover and continue becoming me.

So, no more putting off sitting down to write. It’s time to grab my pen and talk about life after graduation. Talk about how I’ve jumped into a role I’ve always dreamed of, what I’m learning, experiencing, and how God is working in me.

Thanks for journeying with me…let the journey continue!

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