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Thank you all for your prayers for my Uncle Bob. He is home and recovering. Here is an update from my Aunt:

Well, Bob is now home!! I told one of the doctors on Tuesday that they better send him home or find a way to tie him down because he could not stay any longer!!
All of the tests on the a-typical pneumonia have shown it to most likely have been caused by a virus. Bob will have follow up chest x-rays in about 2 weeks before he will be cleared for that. We are waiting for the 2 final blood tests (they get processed in Utah!) to come back. They are testing the composition of the blood to see if it is thicker than normal or has the factors that make it prone to blood clots. That will determine if he needs long term blood thinners. Right now he is giving himself injections twice a day of low dose blood thinners while we wait for the results.
The doctors have said they don’t believe that the kidney failure and the lung problems were related, however for a healthy person to just have those two things happen at the same time without being related in some way does not make any sense!! I still wonder since they never were able to find a blood clot as the cause of the kidney failure if that wasn’t caused by the virus as well?!! Apparently there are not always answers to our medical questions!!
They did alot of vascular tests trying to find this “clot” that started this mess but there is no evidence anywhere to support that there ever was a clot!!! Like I said in the last email, for Bob to go on blood thinners will be life changing for us. We are praying that God will make it evident to us if that is the direction we are suppose to take. But if there is no evidence to support the “clot” theory then we are not just going to put Bob on blood thinners just in case!! Bob shared with the doctors that his life is in God’s control and we are going to trust Him to take care of everything.
This whole experience has been exhausting but God’s hand has been so evident in it all !!! From being admitted to the right hospital, (so happy Lutheran Hosp did not keep him even though they should have!!) having great nursing staff (esp. our good friend Jen!) Ending up with some of the best doctors in their fields, being able to witness to one of the nurses who is really searching right now, and many other ways, God has shown his hand in this whole thing!!!!
The rest of us are doing well. I finally feel good again after fighting a bug for 14 days, Bekah is better from it too. Erika is in the middle of mid-terms for the first time and realizing what high school is all about!! Ashley has started her 2nd semester and is back to her routines as well. Life goes on!!! But it sure is great to have Bob back with us, even if he is going to drive us all nuts not being able to work for a couple more weeks!!!!!!!!!!! I am making a list of all small jobs he can do around the house while he waits to be able to go back to work.
We cant say thank you enough to let you know how much your prayers, cards, and calls meant to us!! It is in times like these that you realize how blessed you are to have people who care!!!!! We love you all and thank you for your support!
Love Annette (and Bob, Ashley, Erika and Bekah)

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