Thanks to the Lunch Packers

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I love lunch. Everyday I carry a brown paper bag to school that contains my sandwich, apple, and pretzels–my food! But I didn’t pack that brown paper bag. My Mom gets up early to pack my lunch for me–you know, to give it that special “mom” touch! But without the love of my mom, I wouldn’t eat a yummy lunch!

Today in church, my Daddy talked about the “lunch packers.” OK, so we aren’t necessarily talking about the people who literally pack your lunch for school. I am talking about the people who invest in your life. A “lunch packer” takes the times to invest in someone. They see a need and fill it. Lunch packers take initiative, they don’t procrastinate influencing someone’s life. A lunch packer realizes that even if they only impact one person, they are fulfilling God’s will. God can take a simple card from one person and use it to “pack the lunch” of one of His children.

There are so many people who have packed my lunch over the years (and still do!). Thank you Daddy and Mom for your influence in my life. Without you I have no idea where I would be. I will always be your baby! Katie, I love you SO much! I couldn’t have asked for a better sister or best friend. Even though you are younger than me, you have influenced me in more ways than you can even imagine! Stephanie Rader, thank you for being such a positive role model for me while I was growing up. You really helped me seek true beauty from Jesus! Beau- you “packed my lunch” with swimming! You were more than just a coach. You motivated everyone on our team and really showed us how to love swimming. Miss Marcy, thank you for teaching me piano and voice lessons. You were more than just a teacher. You took the time to influence my walk with Jesus. Thank you for that! Leah, you made dancing and tumbling so much fun! I absolutely loved hanging out with you….just the fact that a college girl wanted to influence me at 6th grade made a huge difference! Miss Carla and Pastor Bruce, thank you for reaching out to me even though I am not in your youth group any more. I really appreciate your influence in my life! Miss Andrea Miller (and Mr. Bill!), thank you so much for loving me in the midst of chaos and craziness! You saw past everything and loved me for me. That really helped me through the past three years! Shannon Kubiak Primicerio, thank you for reaching out to me. Your books and advice have helped me through great times and low times. Ashley Mays, thank you for being such a great friend. I greatly value your opinion. Erika, thank you so much for your genuine heart and attitude. I have only known you for a couple weeks, but you have definitely been packing my lunch lately! Thank you!!!
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  • Holly

    I really enjoy reading your blog and I think this is a great analogy. 🙂

  • Mark Cummins's Blog

    Emily you are the best! I sure am proud of you! much love, daddy

  • Erika and Jeremy

    I am honored to be one of your lunch packers! I will continue to lift you up to our Father in Heaven daily! I love you little sister!!!!!!!

  • Andrea

    You are easy to love. You have an exceptional heart for others and for God. We miss you and Katie, but are so glad you are thriving where God has planted you. Love always, Mr. Bill and Andrea

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