The Becoming Woman’s Manifesto #8: She Is Pure

 In Amanda Zecher, The Becoming Woman's Manifesto

Before diving into today’s video, read Psalm 27:14:

“Wait for and confidently expect the Lord; be strong and let your heart take courage; yes, wait for and confidently expect the Lord.” 

#8: She Is Pure from on Vimeo.

Road Trip Questions:

  1. What stood out to you the most from today’s video?
  2. What are 1-2 ways you can choose to remain unbent to the pressures around us this week? (ex: establishing accountability partners; guarding your heart & mind with what movies & TV shows you watch & what music you listen to; etc.)

Just For Fun:

  1. Write Psalm 27:14 somewhere you’ll see it often (perhaps on your mirror, on a card on your dresser, or on a chalkboard in your house) as a constant reminder to wait for and confidently expect the Lord. Snap a photo & share it with us on social media with the hashtag #becomingmetv.

Author: Amanda Zecher

Amanda Zecher is a West Coast girl adventuring on the East Coast. Fueled by coffee and chai tea lattes, this nomadic California native can be found exploring, creating, or day-dreaming. She is passionate about helping people discover and live up to their full God-potential through serving in communications and creative arts at Barefoot Church.

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