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The Biggest Lesson I Learned In 2015 Was Skin Deep

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Skin-deep living is attractive.

That skin-deep life. Full of flirting with those we won’t care about in the long run and seeking words of affirmation for a quick confidence boost. That skin-deep life passes time analyzing others and drawing conclusions without taking time to talk to them. It’s having empty pantries because we accidentally spent all our money on great haircuts and cups of super hip coffee. It provides instant gratification and momentarily satisfies our desire to be valued and to have a good time.

Skin-deep living is not very deep at all. The things it’s filled with don’t last. Yet for some reason, we’re all a little tempted by skin-deep living, like moths to a flame.

But, skin-deep living is distractive.

It keeps us from thinking about all the inside stuff that we probably (definitely) should deal with.

Here’s the thing: if the main thing I claim is really the main thing (that would be Jesus), then I want to steward my finances well by being generous toward others with the resources I’ve got.  I want to serve others and have difficult conversations with the people I care about…because Jesus never stopped serving or fighting for those He loved.

What I’ve found to be true is that God-given joy is always more satisfying than material-given happiness. God-given love is more fulfilling than flirting with the next best thing. Loving people is better than waiting around, hoping for them to love you.

We’re naturally drawn to skin-deep living and the quick relief it gives, but falling prey to it just leaves us heartbroken in the end. You and I know this because we’ve all fallen prey at some point or another.

So we’ve packed up our Christmas decorations and are waving goodbye to 2015. Some of us are making resolutions and goals or are cutting out those items that don’t get a place in our future. Whatever is on your mind as we head into the New Year, let’s decide together to leave skin-deep living in the past.

The wonderful gift about this life is that we always have a choice. It doesn’t matter who has done what to us or who we’ve been in the past. There will always be circumstances that want to manipulate our decisions, but we always have a choice.

I choose to give it up—the need for others’ approval and fear of rejection. The concern for appearances and attraction to all the skin-deep things that aren’t very deep at all. Join me?

Keep enjoying your super hip cups of coffee and awesome haircuts—whatever those skin-deep things may be for you (I know I will!). Enjoy them, but don’t make them your resting place because they’ll never provide what you’re truly looking for. Rest up and find your home in the wonderful skin God gave you. The quirky sense of humor He specifically designed in you and the need for honesty and kindness that He planted in your soul. Find peace and courage in the words He’s spoken over your life.

Cheers to another beautiful year and all the lessons learned.

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