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The Challenge of Leading Me

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Let’s cut to the chase–no beating around the bush on this. The hardest person you will ever lead is yourself. Ouch. Like the hardest? Really? Yep. I am the hardest person I will ever lead in my entire life. You wanna know why……it’s because it is hard for us to see where we need to grow or what we need to work on. It is so easy for me to wake up and walk through my day noticing what everybody else needs help with. It is hard for me to see that I need an attitude adjustment or body language realignment. But, my goal is to wake up every morning and place my day in Jesus’ hands. Besides, is it really my day? Nope. It is His day. I want to make Him the first thoughts on my mind in the morning when I wake up. Now that is not easy to do, I have to lead myself here. It is so easy to challenge others, but it is even easier to forget your own advice. It is pretty easy for me to write some challenging thoughts on my blog, but it is harder for me to live those challenges out. Pretty often I have to come back and re-read what I have written.

How can we lead ourselves? All it takes is a first step. A step towards obeying God’s calls and not our own. A step towards knowing what your goals are in life and actually accomplishing them. A step towards reclaiming the life God has given you. So you want to be healthy? Get up and start running towards God. So you want to have a better relationship with God? Set your alarm clock for ten minutes earlier and read your Bible. You want to get better grades? Pick up a book and study. You want to lead yourself? Start right now.

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