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The ONE Thing I Can Control…

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Have you ever felt like everything was swirling around you? Constantly changing? Is it possible to flourish in the midst of uncertainty?⁣

My Daddy has taught me since I was a little girl, that no matter what is happening around me, the one thing I can control is ME.⁣

So, here in the midst of uncertainty, I’m fighting to flourish by leading myself—leading myself to know Jesus more deeply; leading myself to GROW; leading myself to love those around me; leading myself to dream; leading myself to become who God made me to be.⁣

A couple tangible things I can control:⁣

(1) How I start my day. I’m a planner… & normally I love having my days planned out. However, in this season, daily schedules have been in flux, shifting, adjusting, re-scheduling. While I can’t map out how the day unpacks, I can BEGIN it rooted in time with Jesus, a workout & taking time to prep myself with a cute outfit! ??‍♀️⁣

(2) Taking care of my health—sleep, exercise, drinking all the water, vitamins, meal prepping. ⁣

(3) Fueling my MIND with books, podcasts, music & resources that help me become who God made me to be!⁣

(4) Inviting ‘is that Jesus?’ people to speak into my life—those people who speak life & truth, challenging me to become who God made me to be & pointing me to Jesus. ⁣

I can’t control what’s happening around me, but I sure can control what happens IN me, my response & who I’m becoming. ⁣

Warrior friend, the same is true for you… the one thing you can control? You. Are you committed to leading yourself? Drop a ?? in the comments! I’m cheering you on BIG TIME!

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