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The Risk of Prayer

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Have you ever taken the risk to just talk to God. You may me wondering why I call that a risk, but it really is. How many people are truly and genuinely not growing in their relationship with God simply because they are not engaging in prayer? Prayer is a very powerful thing. The Bible says that we have the power to move mountains! Talk about power. (I hope that power kicks in when I take the SAT!) But in all honesty, why do people NOT pray? One little four-letter word: F-E-A-R. What?!! People are afraid to pray? Well, maybe not afraid of the thought of prayer, but afraid of what to do. We live in a society of perfectionism. We want to do things the right way. So, we take that into our Spiritual lives too. But what is fear really? False Evidence Appearing Real. Fear cripples you from reaching your true potential. There is no magic formula to praying. It is simply talking to God. It is so amazing that we have direct access to the Creator of the universe. Why wouldn’t we want to take advantage of that and talk to Him 24/7? To pray, all you have to do is open up before God. This requires vulnerability (ahh, another fear factor). Once we kneel before God with a genuine heart, we can truly find His grace. Now let’s be honest here, God already knows everything about you. Duh, He created you! But He desires that you tell Him you burdens, troubles, and joys. He wants to have open communication with you and the best part is that He will always listen. And if you really listen to Him, He might just tell you a thing or too.

So, prayer requires risk: a leap of faith. Are you willing to risk your pride today? Are you willing to risk vulnerability? You are the only thing standing between you and the most amazing relationship with the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. I dare you to take that risk today.

So, will you?

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