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The Window to my Soul…

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Journaling has really helped me document my personal journey through this life. It has helped me remember little details, relinquish my worries to Jesus, and praise God for everything that he has blessed me with.

I love to read through old journals and laugh at my thoughts and wonder why I was even so worried about certain things. It is awesome to see where I have been and where God has brought me. Through journaling you can literally see yourself grow throughout the years and mature into who God wants you to be.

Journaling is a window to your soul that allows you to express how you view the world around you. An open journal is like a blank page waiting for its story to be told.

Journaling is a vital tool in my walk with God. I have used my journals as written prayers to Jesus and it really helps me sort out my thoughts on paper and clearly see what I am struggling with or what I need to work on. Journaling allows me to remember some great memories that I would have completely forgotten about if I hadn’t written them down. It also helps me to release negative emotions by scribbling it all out on a piece of paper.

I am so thankful for writing down my feelings and prayers. I love reading through my six-year-old thoughts from long ago and comparing them to my sixteen-year-old thoughts today. I will never regret journaling or what I have scribbled onto the pages of my journals.

Get yourself a cup of coffee, a pen, and a notebook and just start writing. Don’t think, just write. Write your hopes, dreams, goals, fears, worries, and prayer requests. You’ll be surprised at how much lighter you feel after all of your thoughts have been lifted from your shoulders!

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