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Thoughts to Ponder…

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Today I was sitting in one of my favorite places as I read today’s chapter in A Call to Die–a front porch swing. As I was sitting there, swinging and pondering on what I had just read I flipped to Psalm 119:72, 89-105 and reflected upon the importance of God’s Word, the Bible. Then it struck me that just at the writer if Psalm 119 was searching for God’s words as if they were silver or gold, I should also know just how important the Bible really is! The Bible strengthens and encourages me. It empowers me to live confidently for Jesus. Then Jesus sat next to me on that swing and whispered, “Emily, my Words will give you confidence. But, you need to first and foremost surrender completely to me. Right now you are sitting on this porch swing. In order to swing you have to lift up for you feet off the ground and trust the porch swing to hold you. The same goes for trusting me. Lift your feet off the ground and trust me to carry you, to lead you, and to guide you. I would never in a million years drop you! I love you so much more than the porch swing loves you!” It finally clicked in my head. Normally when I think of the word “confidence” I think if a really popular girl who has it all together. But that isn’t confidence at all! God-confidence requires me to forget all about me! To be truly confident in myself I have to trust God with who I am and lift my feet off the ground of life and jump into His arms. The only way I can have all of my confidence in my Creator is if I stop thinking about me and how I can be confident in myself. Life just isn’t all about me. Ouch….but it’s true!

Today I must die to myself to be truly confident in Jesus Christ. Hmmm….I think I have some really good thoughts to ponder today.

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