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Walking Along Memory Lane….

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As 2008 comes to a close, I want to take the time to reminisce a little. Before I completely move towards 2009, I want to set aside a little time to praise God for all of the blessings that He has given me this past year.

Brio Girl 2008

God blessed me with the amazing opportunity to serve as a top four finalist for Brio Magazine’s 2008 Brio Girl Search. Last January I was featured in Brio Magazine along with the other finalists, Esther Wu and Kristen Ballard, and the Brio Girl, Becky Marras. Throughout the Brio Girl search, God really opened my eyes to who He created me to be. Life is not about a certain position or title that one may hold, but about the crown that He has placed on my head, as His Princess!

Moving to Ocala
One year ago Team Cummins moved to our home here in Ocala! God has blessed us beyond measure with an inviting home that has been packed with pool parties and sleepovers over the past year. He has also given us some great memories as a family in our new house—memories in our “four red chairs” and out by the poolside! I am excited for even more special moments to made in this house in 2009.

Forest High School
God really did guide my family to the right high school during our move. Katie and I both love Forest and have been blessed with some amazing friends there. This coming year I will have the privilege of graduating as a Forest Wildcat!

Taylor Swift Concert
Definitely one of my major highlights was going to a Taylor Swift concert and having the privilege to meet her and pray with her backstage!

My 17th Birthday!
This year I turned 17! God once again surrounded me with some amazing friends who spent the night and helped make my birthday so special. This picture also depicts my annual “Daddy/Daughter Birthday Breakfast.” This past year we ate at Tommy’s BBQ.

My License

This summer I took a driver’s education course, passed, and earned my driver’s license!

1440 Youth Camp
This summer my youth group discovered the “1440 Principle.” This is something that I am going to talk about some more in the upcoming days, but God really used the speakers and my youth pastor at this camp to help bring my relationship with Christ to another level.

Road Trips
God took Team Cummins on some amazing trips this summer to Alabama, Georgia, Sanibel Island, and just cruising in the convertible! Could life be any better than that?!

Disciple Now Weekend
Before school started, my youth group hosted a “Disciple Now” weekend. The 11th and 12th grade girls stayed together to learn more about growing in our relationship with God. Through this weekend I was able to really connect with my small group leader, Katie, and she has remained one of my mentors to this very day.

Last First Day!
This past year I enjoyed my last first day of high school ever! Wow, my high school career really has flown by!

See You At the Pole
We had a great turn out at FHS’s SYATP this year. In fact, students have strived to “be the change” this year and pray every Thursday morning at our flagpole. God is definitely working!

Homecoming week and the dance was a blast this year! KT and I just took a bunch of our friends to the dance and we had a blast!

Swim Season
My last season of swimming ever! Wow! This season went great though. My events were the 100 Backstroke and the 50 Freestyle as well as several relays. The girls went undefeated this year which was an added bonus! I am excited to see how KT does next year!

Need to Breathe
KT and I met Need to Breathe at a concert this year and were eternally blessed! They shared their song, “Washed by the Water,” with us. Thank you again Bear and Bo SO much!

In Christ We Have Hope
I think that one of the best highlights of this entire year (and there were many!) was the birth of Hope, a brand new church in Ocala. God is doing amazing things and I am just so excited that He chose me to be a part of this great adventure!

So, that is 2008 in a quick wrap! So many amazing things happened this past year! God is so good. Thank you Jesus for what you are doing in my life. Guide me in 2009!

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