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What Do I Crave?

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I just arrived home from camp with my youth group. We had an awesome time making friends, going to theme parks, and worshipping God. The theme of camp was “Crave 2007”. We learned to crave God, not the world. I get cravings every day. Right now I am craving a fresh salad and water because I have had too much junk food. On the other hand I am also craving a big bowl of yummy chocolate ice cream from Coldstones. The point is, do I crave the things of this world more than Jesus Christ? When I am craving chocolate ice-cream I go and get a bowl and enjoy every bite of it, but do I ever crave God’s Word so much that I read my Bible and soak up every word? Now salad and chocolate ice-cream are good things and food is definitely essential to my body, but God’s Word is also essential to my spiritual body. Just like I eat to satisfy hunger pains, I read the Bible to feed my spiritual hunger pains. Craving God is a daily process. You wont change overnight into the “perfect” Christian. There is no “perfect” Christian anyways. We are all on the dusty trail of life together. The point is, craving God is a daily process. When you are a baby you eat baby food and graduate into normal food as you progress. Well, craving God goes the same way. Start with little portions of the Bible and gradually build up to reading a chapter a day. You will soon realize how awesome God’s Word is and you will crave it on the days you don’t read it. Take each day step by step…don’t rush into the future or try and get your past back. Live and grow where you are. That is where God will shape you and mold you into who He wants you to be.

So, what are you craving today?

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