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What To Do When You Feel Like There Just Isn’t Anything to Highlight

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Let’s be honest. Sometimes in certain cases and situations it just seems like there isn’t anything good to highlight. Know what I mean? When you are facing circumstances that aren’t easy to handle or to see what good can come out of it, there are many things that you can do to make what it going on better.

  1. Praise Jesus Christ. If you are discouraged or find yourself staring straight into negativity, just start praising God. Sing to Him, read the Bible, etc.
  2. Talk it out. Talk to your parents or a trusted mentor about what you are facing. This not only allows you to release your emotions, but it also gives someone else the chance to give you good advice.
  3. Exercise. When I get frustrated or start acting negative I know I need to hit the gym and let out all of my pent-up energy and emotions. I get on one of the cardio machines and work it out. And ya know what, it really works!
  4. Journal. Sometimes writing out what you are feeling allows you to look back on what you are facing and see maybe even from a different viewpoint what is going on in your life.
  5. Paint your toe nails. Do something special for yourself! Treat yourself to something nice and refreshing. Don’t like painting toe nails? Grab a cup of hot chocolate and a good magazine. Do something that you enjoy!

These are just a couple ideas of how to turn a sticky situation into something not-so-bad-after all! Try these suggestions out next time you feel discouraged and can’t seem to find the silver lining.

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