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what today could have been

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I could be writing an extremely different post right now. And I’m so thankful that I’m not.

This morning I was checking up on the latest news on my Twitter feed and saw an alert from the Gainesville Sun that 441 & I-75 had been completely shut down due to fatal accidents that were continuing to build up. With the mixture of fog and smoke from a fire in Payne’s Prairie, visibility on the road was said to be zero. My mind immediately ran to my sister, KT. KT was supposed to be headed out for an event at UF this morning. My family & I immediately called her and discovered that she hadn’t left yet.
The “what ifs” ran through my mind. What if she had left just five minutes earlier? What if I hadn’t checked Twitter this morning? What if her event had been scheduled for earlier in the day? What if?
And then just two words stood out in my mind: thank you. Thank you, God, for sparing my sister–my best friend’s life today.
In this moment, I know that someone’s sister, someone’s mom, a daddy, a grandma–someone’s best friend died this morning. And they’re wondering “Why, God? Why?”
God, I will never understand why. But I do know WHO my source of strength is. Please show your strength, peace, grace, and abounding love to the families involved in today’s tragedy.
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