In Relationship with God

Words have weight and meaning. They hold a sense of strength and dignity, all while possessing the power to tear us apart. In a single word, confidence to last a lifetime can be built. The next word can tear morale down, brick by brick.

Let words guide you, but never define you. I hope the following quotes can offer you as much encouragement, peace, strength and hope today as they did for me. Grace & peace.

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  • MelissaLynne2001

    They are great quotes-sayings. I like them. And stuff I need to work on. Thanks for sharing them and also for your blogs. They truly are helpful and inspiring. And I’m sure for alot of people and not just me.

  • Carli Nicole

    amazing quotes! I love quotes, and these are definitely some of the best I’ve seen!!


  • emilybcummins

    Thank you for reading, Melissa & Carli!

  • MelissaLynne2001

    You are very welcome.

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