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3 Reasons Why Your Dreams Are Too Small

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What do you want to be when you grow up? From the time we enter Kindergarten we are bombarded with this question. Who do we want to be? What do we want to do? Decide your future! Live your dream!

And so from the time we graduate we work; floating from one job to another, completely lost, slightly satisfied, and barely used. We never catch that dream, or when we finally do it’s momentary—we always seem to adopt a new dream a couple months later.

And life



So we begin to think we’ve got it all wrong—maybe this isn’t God’s vision for our lives, maybe our sights for the future are off, and maybe, just maybe, we’ve completely dreamt far too small.

This is you. This is me. But guess what? We are wrong. We are dreaming too small, but not for the reasons you think.

You’re dreams are too small because…

  1. You’re dreaming wrong. Not only wrong, but completely off on where we are dreaming. You see, God never intended for our vocation to be our calling. Our calling is about who we are, not what we do. Maybe your calling is to share about His love to your coworkers in your vocation, but the second you turn climbing the corporate ladder into your calling you’re life becomes less about God and more about you. AND LIFE IS NOT ABOUT YOU.
  2. You’re dreaming selfishly. We all have this desire to go back to “our” dreams, “our” visions, and ultimately “our” desires. The second we start dreaming selfishly, is the second that we’re no longer vision minded. Yes, I would love to be super successful in life and make lots of money. But this would obviously mean I would need to change careers, since I am currently a children’s director. So I’ll change careers, start climbing the corporate ladder, and after a couple of promotions I should be able to buy myself a beach house, a nice car, closets of clothes….STOP! I’m not saying that if God has blessed you with success and money you aren’t living His vision, maybe you are, but the second your sole focus is on career escalation rather than the promotion of His Kingdom, you are lost.
  3. You’re dreaming within your limits. Here’s the thing about our God—He is infinite. His powers and abilities far outreach any of us. So when we’re praying and dreaming with God, we should never think “what can I do” but rather “what can God do through me”. Because I’ll bet you anything, if God can take a woman (Sarah) far past the age of child bearing and give her a son, if He can take a man with a speech impediment (Moses) and make him the leader of a nation, and if He can take a young 14 year old virgin (Mary) and make her the key to bringing His Son into this world, He can take our lives and do something miraculous.

So let’s allow God to cast vision in our hearts. Let’s dream for a calling. Let’s dream for something bigger than our lives. Let’s dream with God’s power in mind.

It’s time to allow God to blow up our dreams into something far better than we could ever imagine.

It’s time we start becoming who God made us to be.

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