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A Daughter of the King!

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Esther is one of my all-time favorite Bible princesses. Her trust in God was so evident in her actions. This morning in the His Princess small group, we discovered that God has a specific plan and a purpose for our lives. He designed you specifically for a divine purpose. Esther was just a simple Jewish girl until a beauty pageant turned her into the Queen of Persia. She followed God’s calling on her life and realized that she was queen for such a time as this. She decided to trust God and walk boldly into the King’s presence even though that meant risking her life. As Esther walked down the aisle toward the King’s throne, she walked in confidence rooted solely in Jesus Christ. She knew that this was His plan for her life. She was designed to save the lives of her people, the Jews. She trusted that God would see her through. And He did! God rewarded Esther for her faithfulness and trust in Him. God has a plan for you too. All you need to do is trust Him.

Choices…challenges…a crisis…and a call–Esther faced them all. But guess what? So will you. And how you respond to these situations will determine how God uses you in your generation.
(Lisa Ryan, Generation Esther)

Some great books/resources about Esther are…..

Generation Esther by Lisa Ryan
For Such a Time as This by Lisa Ryan
Bible B.A.B.E.S by Andrea Stephens
SHE by Rebecca St. James
The Book of Esther in the Bible
One Night With the King DVD

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