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A Healthy Heart, A Healthy Attitude

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What comes to mind when you hear the word health? Do you visualize a platter of “rabbit food” or do you remember a time when you tried one of those new diets, but only ended up running for junk food? Good health isn’t about being under 100 pounds or about being the fastest on the track team. Good health is about taking care of the body God has blessed you with.

Eating is supposed to be re-fueling your body for the tasks you do during the day. Munching on Doritos and oreos all day will only slow you down and cripple you of the energy you need. Eating fruit and veggies and drinking water will not only fill you up, but it will also energize you from the inside-out. Treat yourself once in a while to your favorite snack. Choose one day where you can just “veg”. For me, Friday night is my favorite time to eat junk food. I like to relax to a chick flick and eat oreos! Yummy. That one cheat day will help you make healthy choices throughout the week.

Exercising is great for your body. Exercising clears your mind of stress and gives you a boost of energy. There are plenty of ways to work out and have fun. Try some of these suggestions:

  • Walk with your friend around the neighborhood.
  • Dance to your favorite CD.
  • Grab your iPod and go for a run.
  • Swim.
  • Clean your room at turbo-speed.
  • Grab an exercising video and start marching along.

Good health is not only vital to your body, but it is also vitally important for your attitude. Exercising and eating right take stress off of your mind and make you feel refreshed. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle also helps you to look and feel your very best. When you exercise, you feel better about yourself and you are proud that you accomplished something. I know that for me, exercising helps me to have a better attitude and a more positive outlook on life.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your tennis shoes and through out the ice-cream. Glorify God today!

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