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Becoming Kayla Gergen: Navigating Infertility & Grieving Through Loss: How To Trust God & Take Your Next Steps When Your Becoming Journey Doesn’t Unpack How You Hoped

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Navigating infertility & grieving loss: how can you trust God & take your next steps when your becoming journey doesn’t unpack how you hoped?

We’re honored & excited to introduce you to our warrior friend Kayla Gergen! Grab a cup of coffee and join Kayla’s and Emily’s conversation unpacking her story, how she is becoming who God made her to be, and how we too can grow on our becoming journey.

In her Becoming Story, Kayla unpacks:

➡️ Her journey discovering how to trust God with each step

➡️ How to navigate change, growth, & boundaries on your becoming journey

➡️ Grieving loss

➡️ And MORE!

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Meet Kayla Gergen:

Christ Follower. Wife. Follow along with our iVF Journey at

Connect with Kayla Gergen:

Kayla’s Warrior Conversation

Thank you Kayla for sharing your Becoming Story! We’re cheering you on big time as you’re becoming you, warrior friend!

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