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But, Didn’t You MIss Out on Dating In High School??

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My answer to that question is NOPE! Many people stop and stare (figuratively!) when they hear about a girl who is choosing not to date in high school. “But how can that even be possible?” they wonder. It is possible! Now, I am not saying that dating is a sin or anything. As long as you put Jesus first in your life and do what He wants you to do, everything is OK. But for me, God has told me to wait. The cool thing is, God has blessed me with a Daddy who cares about me and invests in my life. Ever since I was a little girl we went on daddy/daughter dates. My favorite dates have been simply driving in the convertible and talking, walking on the beach and talking, and drinking Starbucks and talking (of course!). My Daddy really has been the “main man” in my life and I do not regret that at all. As I look back on my high school career, I will not remember a boyfriend who broke my heart and a bunch of wasted memories. I will remember a Daddy who took the time to invest in me and help me go to the next level. My Daddy has been there for me through my first steps, riding my first bike, my first day(s) of school, my first time driving, my first job, my tears, and my joy. He has encouraged me, strengthened me, and lifted me up. He has also confronted me and helped me grow to the next level. (I am thinking that he has offered me a whole lot more than an ordinary boyfriend could, but that’s just me!) As you can probably tell, I have loved my daddy/daughter dates–they are inspirational and a lot of fun! Try it out sometime. Surprise your Daddy and ask to go out on a date. I bet you will knock his socks off! If you don’t have an earthly Daddy, you DO have an amazing Heavenly Daddy who does the best dates of all! (Check out my Daddy’s blog at!)

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