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SAT Scores, Drug Tests, and Panera Bread

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Wow, what a hectic week! So, a little update from me….I have a job! I applied for a lifeguard position at the Central Florida YMCA and I got it! Yesterday my Daddy signed me out early from school and we headed off for my drug test–you know, they have to make sure those pastor’s kids aren’t smoking dope or anything crazy like that! Then we headed to the Police Department where I was fingerprinted! That was a fun experience. (I do have to say that this was the most uniques date with my Daddy–going through a drug test and background checks!) But after all of the extremely painful testing (just kidding!) my daddy treated me to lunch at Panera Bread and boy was it delicious! This next week I start training for my lifeguard certifications!! So I will probably be pretty exhausted, but that’s OK. Then today…..drum roll please….SAT scores came out from the March 1st test. I did pass, thank goodness! I passed enough to qualify for the Medallion award for Bright Futures (the 75% version) For those of you who do not live in the Sunshine State, Bright Futures is an award honored to students for college. There are three levels of the award, but the highest level is a 100% scholarship to any public Florida university. I have some more practice to do to get that score, so I will take the test again in May!! Yuck–I cannot wait to get all of these tests done! Whew. So in the midst of some of the craziness, I have been learning to take the time out of my busy schedule and just be quiet. Walk outside, listen to music, read a good book, and hang out with my family. Relaxing is always a good thing…especially after being drug tested! : )

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