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But It Was Just One Little Button!

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This past week I made a pretty dumb decision. It was one of those decisions when you just want to scream and cry and you just don’t even know what to do. OK, so here is what I did. I have a laptop to do my homework on, check emails, update the blog, etc. I bought a used laptop and I wanted to change the screen name and password from the previous owner’s name to my name. I know, a stupid detail that could have waited until someone helped me make the change, but I was kind of impatient. So, since I thought I could easily change the settings on my computer without damaging anything, I made a couple changes and restarted my computer. Well, once the computer came back on, I sadly realized that I had changed the log-on settings and could no longer log onto my laptop! “But it was just one little button”, I thought. Yep, that one little button had the power to separate me for my computer and now it has to be completely re-set up! So, I will be without a lap top for quite some time.

Isn’t it crazy how one little choice can jump start so many problems? I mean, I thought I was capable of changing just a little thing on my computer, but ended up creating a pretty big mess. Life can be like that. So many times we think we are not doing anything wrong by just going to that party or cheating on just one test, but how many times do those things come back to haunt us? Just one party could lead to someone being drunk, a car-wreck, and the loss of life. Cheating on one test could ruin your reputation and lower your grades. Going too far with your boyfriend could result in an unexpected pregnancy. “But it was just one night” you cry. But “just one night” and “just one decision” can jump start a lot of hurt and pain in your life. Believe me, it isn’t easy to walk away from that little button…..hello, I have been there! But the key is that we need to take a deep breath, think about the big picture, and step aside.

You see, there was nothing wrong with the settings on my computer. I had a computer. What was so wrong with me signing in as “Sally” instead of “Emily”? Why was it that big of a deal? Why did I have to push that little button? The consequences hurt pretty badly too. Just think, I could have used that time and effort to read, hang out with my family, or walk on the beach, but instead I chose to mess up my computer. Now doesn’t that sound like fun?! Any time you are about to make a choice, please stop and think about the big picture. Does what you are about to do really matter in all of eternity? Will it make your life better or, in all reality, worse?

Just one little button changed my perspective on decision making……just one little button changed my entire day.

Just one little choice can change your eternity. Hmmm….

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