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Choosing to BE the Change I Hope to See

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Love. This. ? Perhaps the most influential impact we can make on the world is changing US… becoming who God made us to be.⁣

I’m deep diving into the gritty work of discovering the greatest opportunity for influence is right here, where I am today. If I can’t lead & love myself & those around me well, what kind of influence do I really have? It’s glamorous & sexy to think “when I get there” or “when I have that many followers” or “when I publish the book” or “when I speak on that stage”… but the truth is changing the world isn’t sexy or popular. Changing the world is changing ME every, single day. And that’s hard, consistent work.⁣

The men & women of history who made the most lasting mark weren’t popular, well known or had the largest Instagram following (ahem, there wasn’t even social media!). They made a lasting mark because they ran after BEING who God made them to be unashamedly, unapologetically, unwaveringly.⁣

This is change.⁣
This is influence.⁣
This is impact.⁣
This is who I want to be—a warrior giving today & the people around her everything she’s got, committed to running her race well, failing & learning & getting back up, & introducing people to Jesus. This is the kind of legacy I want to leave behind. This is the Emily I want to be. ??⁣

Warrior friend, change starts here. In us. Drop a ❤️ if you’re committed to BEING the change in the world around you.

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