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Life is Tough… But So Are You

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Being a warrior is a choice. Not a feeling. Not a set of circumstances. Not a vibe. It’s a daily decision to show up & be who God made you to be.⁣

I had a late night one day last week & the next day I was tired. I felt like my coffee needed a coffee. I had a to do list & meetings & commitments… and I needed to show up. So I chose to show up as a warrior. I squared my shoulders back & walked confidently. I didn’t feel like it, but I chose to be a warrior anyways. And you know what, that choice made my day SO MUCH BETTER than if I would have leaned into my feelings… into being tired or irritated. At the end of that day, I felt PROUD. Proud of who I chose to be despite how I felt. And the next day… I wanted to choose to be a warrior again, walking proudly & confidently in my skin.⁣

To show up as a healthy, strong warrior I’m embracing:⁣
(1) Daily, consistent, rooted time with Jesus. Starting each day talking with Him & in His Word grounds me in HIS strength… the only real strength to walk in.⁣

(2) Awareness. I’m asking God to change my heart, to soften my rough edges, to make me aware of habit loops & the courage to turn that awareness into active change.⁣

(3) Accountability. I have a handful of people who know me, know my triggers & speak life, challenging & calling me up to be who God designed me to be.⁣

(4) Intentionally making the choice—choosing to be who God made me to be. Not leaning into my feelings, but choosing to be a warrior.⁣

(5) Replenish, refresh, relax, rejuvenate. After that late night, I intentionally refueled. And that doesn’t mean Netflix bing-ing… but SLEEPING, exercising, eating food that fuels my body, reading good books, journaling, & drinking all the water.⁣

Life is tough… but so are you! Warrior friend, are you committed to leaning into the space, to choosing to BE the healthy, strong warrior God designed you to be? Let me know by leaving a ?? in the comments! I’m cheering you on BIG TIME! ??

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