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Daddy’s Little Girls

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Since we are on Christmas break, we are sitting back, relaxing, and just enjoying ourselves! So, we are watching movies!

One of the first movies we watched was Tyler Perry’s Daddy’s Little Girls. The story portrays a father who fights to attain the custody of his three daughters from his ex-wife who is living with a drug dealer. And of course there is also a love story….come on, what movie doesn’t have a good love story?! But, I won’t tell you the ending–you will have to go and rent it for yourself.

As I watched this Daddy give up everything he had because of his love for his little girls, I thought of Jesus’ love for His little girls. Jesus died for His princesses (and His princes!) because He loves us with all of His heart! He gave up everything to adopt us into His family. It would have been so much easier for Jesus to stay in Heaven and simply enjoy His royalty. But instead He chose to give up everything and become a man…like you and me. He chose to go through what you and I go through, yet He never sinned. He chose to be tortured, beaten, stabbed, and bruised. A crown of thorns was shoved upon His head as drops of blood ran into His eyes. Yet during all of that time He thought of you and He thought of me. His love far outweighed the pain. He didn’t turn back from death because He saw us, and He loved us. Because of His sacrifice we can have a relationship with Him. He has already paid the price for our sins. The only thing we need to do is accept Him. Death couldn’t defeat His love for us. He rose from the dead three days later. That is a crazy thought…..I still can’t even fathom it completely, but I believe it! I believe in Jesus because I have seen His power at work. I have seen lives changed (including my own) and miracles happen.

Just like the Daddy in the movie fought for his little princesses, Jesus fought for His princesses. Tears filled my eyes as I watched the little girls run into their Daddy’s arms and scream “We love you Daddy. We want to be with you.” I want to run into my Daddy’s arms with that same passion and scream “I love you Daddy. I never want to leave Your arms.”

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