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So, here is another movie! I love movie marathons….especially the popcorn and the ice-cream and gummy worms and well, you get the point!

Our next movie is Flicka starring the country singer Tim McGraw. This movie has a Daddy-Daughter theme too, but today our focus is on the daughter! One of my favorite songs is in Flicka. Tim McGraw’s song “My Little Girl” is fabulous. It really describes the relationship I have with my Daddy. My Daddy gets tears in his eyes when he hears this song!

OK, so back to the movie. Flicka is the story of a young girl named Katy who is not accepted for who she is. She wants to spend her days riding horses on her family’s farm, but her parents send her to a boarding school because they want her to get an education. Later Katy finds a mustang who she names Flicka. Flicka is everything that Katy is–a wild and care-free girl who wants to be discovered and appreciated for her spirit.

A “flicka” is a beautiful, young girl with a care-free spirit. As Katy secretly trains Flicka her own spirit comes out. Flicka and Katy become one and as the movie progresses mirror each other’s feelings. I love how Katy really blossoms into a “flicka”. She is confident in who she is and wants others to discover her true character. She doesn’t care what others think about her because she is too busy enjoying life.

We can learn a valuable lesson from Katy. We all are “flickas”. We are all beautiful, young women desiring to be known for who we are. And we can be known for who we truly are. There is no reason for us to put on a mask for those around us–who really cares what other people think? This world is made up of shifting ideas and opinions. The only opinion that is rock-solid is that of Jesus Christ. Believe me, this area of God-confidence is really hard! I have to work on it daily. But that is true with everything. We need to practice, plan, work, and discover daily. Every morning when I wake up I must surrender myself to Jesus and trust Him to carry me through. I definitely face challenges, but with Jesus’ help I can overcome anything!

I want to be a “flicka”. Do you? All you have to do is allow yourself to bloom into His princess. He will guide you every step of the way!

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