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dear me… you will come out stronger.

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Dear Younger Me,

Life is going to be hard. Harder than you could ever imagine. But guess what: you are going to come out of it stronger than ever! You will learn, you will love and you will find joy in the midst of sadness. You will learn many lessons, but here are a few:

You are going to surprise everyone, even yourself. You are going to push the limits of your goals with yourself, and push the limits of what is expected of you with everyone around you. In the process, it’s going to hurt. You are going to have to fight for what you want, but you will look back on those hard conversations and realize that it was worth the tears, anger and frustration.

You are going to lose two of the most important women in your life, but you are going to find yourself surrounded by women who inspire you, cheer for you, and love on you just as much as mom and Aunt Reen did. And while a mother’s love can never be forgotten and overridden, you will find that a mothers love can be subsidized by another’s mother’s love, and that your dad will love.

You are going to learn that nothing is better than an In-N-Out burger, Animal Fries and Dr. Pepper, but that distance makes the heart fonder (and the calories less impactful).

Friends are going to be thick as blood, but some friends will thin out before completely disappearing. Some friends are going to disappoint you when you least expect it, and some are going to surprise you when you least expect it.

They say blondes have fun, but you are going to find out that being a redhead fits you perfectly. You are going to have a driver’s license that says blonde when you are a redhead, and you are going to love the adventures of always changing your hair. You are going to learn that some changes are not permanent, and that experiencing adventure can be found even in the simplest of decisions.

Family is still family regardless of distance between you. When the opportunity arises to forge your own path, do it. Take the leap of faith, because even if it seems like you are jumping into certain failure, your family will always be there to catch you.

Buy the puppy, and enjoy the love. Enjoy playing fetch and knowing that you loved unconditionally. Then, let her sleep in your bed, and enjoy the comfort of having here there.

Trust in God. He is with you always; you are never alone. He will carry you when times are toughest, and He will cheer you on when times are times are great. He will give you strength when you need it, and clarity when you feel blind.

Plan, but don’t over plan. Brainstorm, and set goals, but don’t be afraid to change your mind or change your plans. Be spontaneous and love spontaneity as much as the structure.

But most importantly, younger me, love unabashedly, seek God, look for joy, and never take any moment for granted.


An Older You

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