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dear me… 26 lessons learned.

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dear me,

In your 26 years, you’ve learned, traveled, made big moves, and experienced some pretty incredible things… but perhaps the most incredible “things” are the lessons learned along the way…

As you wrap up this 26th chapter of your becoming story, remember these 26 lessons learned:

  1. You are becoming. God designed you to live in process, not to strive aimlessly for perfection.
  2. You know who you want to be… you just have to choose to be her.
  3. You are a warrior.
  4. Peace is choosing to stand rooted in trusting Jesus regardless of what is happening to you or around you.
  5. Being right is highly overrated.
  6. Without information, you can’t make informed decisions—so ask questions… always ask questions.
  7. Don’t date for potential. Be with a man who challenges you in the best way and always encouraged you to become who God made you to be.
  8. Family is the most important relationship. Value them. Cherish them.
  9. There are no regrets, only learnings—moments, relationships, and situations shape, mold and help you become who God made you to be.
  10. That little blog you started as a part of a contest you didn’t win? It will change your life you thousands of women you may never even meet face-to-face on this side of eternity. Don’t quit.
  11. A simple email to a woman you admire will change your life too. Little did you know pushing “send” on that email as a high schooler, that you would begin a lifelong friendship and mentorship with Jenni Catron.
  12. Never stop learning. When you do, you’re dead.
  13. Don’t underestimate or undervalue your health. Life is precious… set good habits today that will set you up for success tomorrow and years from now. You’ll never look back and wish you’d have slept in; you’ll look back with pride in the strength of getting up.
  14. Don’t limit yourself… always set yourself up with options. Don’t put everything in just one thing; be open to many opportunities.
  15. Collect moments, memories, relationships and learnings… not things.
  16. Get rid of all the excess. Clean out the clutter, unsubscribe and unfollow. The things and voices you invite to be an intimate part of your story matter.
  17. Don’t be afraid to try. You’ll always learn something new—and something new about yourself.
  18. Steward the resources God gives you and be generous. Save, save, save.
  19. Embrace delayed gratification… timing is everything.
  20. Being comfortable and confident in your own skin is the best make-up.
  21. Before you can really love others, you must first love yourself.
  22. Don’t be afraid to get messy—dive into the gritty, hard work. It usually always ends up being the most rewarding and satisfying.
  23. People pleasing is a lose-lose dead end… and it usually always leaves you disappointed in the long run. Be you for you… not for anyone else.
  24. Wherever you are, be all in. Get involved in your community and always choose to be a solution maker, contributing to the place and people you call home.
  25. Don’t put such high expectations on people. You’re just setting them up to fail. Trust God, and from there, love people for who they are.
  26. Pause. Take a breath. It’s not always as serious as you think it is.

And in the midst of all the lessons learned, never forget the most important truth of all: Jesus is first. Don’t skip time with Him. He is everything. He is good and He can be trusted.

Here’s to the truths experienced and learned in the first 26 chapters… may the journey continue.

Keep becoming,


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