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I just love the word flexiblity…don’t you? I mean bending over backwards sounds like a blast, doesn’t it? Ummmm….no, not really! Well, by the word flexibility I am not talking about how well you can do the splits. I am talking about how you adjust to life’s curveballs.

Curveballs is kind of a funny word, but there are a LOT of them in life. Take this morning for example. I was riding with my Daddy to church and he set his cup of hot tea on the dashboard in front of me. Yep, it spilled all over my outfit! Well, this morning I was flexible and instead of getting mad about my now steaming-wet outfit, I just dried off and adjusted, even though there are some tea stains on my skirt. Oh well!

Life doesn’t always go our way. In fact, life pretty much doesn’t go or way a lot. But are we alive to live for ourselves or are we alive to bring honor and glory to Jesus Christ? The world around us is watching…they are searching for an answer to this life. They are watching you and they are watching me. The important factor is how we respond to life. I once heard a quote that said “Which is more important, what happens to us or what happens in us?” I would go with the latter.

So when life doesn’t work out exactly how you planned, how will you respond? How will you respond when your outfit is tea-stained or when you fail a test? How will you respond when you are the only one not invited on a Valentine’s Day date or when you don’t make it on the basketball team?

How will you be flexible today?

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