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I’m Back…Well, Sort Of!

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Hey everyone! I am so sorry that I haven’t been able to publish new posts recently. Right now I o not have internet at my house, but I will be getting it soon!! So, here is a quick update on everything that is going on in my life:

  • I am in my third week at my new school an it is going great! Thank you for your prayers.
  • I am moved in an settled in our new house!!! Hip-hip-hooray.
  • I started dance classes again at a studio in Ocala.
  • I am attening Fellowship of Christian Athletes at my new school.
  • An there is just so much more!!! Thanks for all of your prayers.

Thank you for all of your kind emails…..I am sorry that it has taken me longer than usual to respond! I promise I will reply soon.

I will write more when I catch my breath! Thanks for your patience!

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