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The Crashes of this Life

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This past weekend five young men were in a car accident in Ocala, my new hometown. Tonight I went with several friends to the memorial service for Joshua, Jacob, Dustin, James, and Isaac. I was blown away as I watched a room fill to overflowing with friends and family. My heart broke as I watched friends literally sob. I cried out to God as I hugged a girl I didn’t even know and told her that I was praying for her. In one short weekend these five friends were gone–what a tragedy.

My heart cries to Jesus as I wonder if these boys knew him personally. Did anyone ever tell them about Him? Their faces remind me of the people that walk the halls at my school. Have they ever heard of the hope that they can find in Jesus Christ? My heart broke as the faces of people that I saw every day at my old school came to mind and I wondered, “why didn’t I say more about Jesus?!” I know that I do not want to be in Heaven someday and then see a sobbing friend who points at me and ask why I didn’t tell them about the hope that have. Life is so short and tonight I really realized for the first time how important every moment really is. I mean, I do not know if I will wake up in the morning. If I were to die I want to be remembered as a woman who spread the news about Jesus everywhere she was and lived out the hope that she has. As I watched grown men break down as sob tonight, my heart sobbed for all of the people that I just pass by everyday and don’t say anything to.

The faces of those five boys look just like the kids I am with everyday. I want to tell everyone about Jesus’ love because then when the crashes of this world do happen, I can know that their is hope.

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