Taylor Swift Concert!

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Tonight me, Katie, Amy, Ilanna, Courtney, and Jessica went to the Taylor Swift concert in Tampa!!! It was awesome. Thank you so much Mr. Shane for hooking us up with backstage passes!!!

We had the privilege of praying with Taylor before the concert….that was an awesome experience!

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  • amylynn0002

    yay! I had such a great time! I still can’t believe it, and have nice she was too! Now I wish Mr. Finch was going to see her sooner than March and we could you know, slip him those letters for her. How awsome would that be if one of us wrote her a letter, gave it to Mr. Finch, who then had someone give it to Taylor, her actually reading it and like e-mailing one of us! Like, no way that would happen, but it is fun to think about. It is February 17th, when she will be in Orlando by the way.

  • madeline

    oh my gosh taylow swift. I am very jealous….

  • gracie k

    I have never heard of taylor swift is she any good?

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