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She walked with her shoulders back and her head held high. Her hair was in a messy bun and she modeled a dirty t-shirt and running shorts. As she walked by the large group of bystanders, she didn’t flinch or shrink an inch. She kept walking forward. It was as if she was walking in a ball gown and tiara. What was she thinking?

God-confidence [God con-fi-dence] verb: the deliberate choice to rely on Jesus Christ for everything; not a feeling of euphoria or false confidence; a complete trust in God’s plan.

She walked straight past the hot quarterback and didn’t second-guess herself for even a second. She walked right by his laughing jokes. She kept walking down the hall until she reached her destination.

This kind of confidence is not a feeling or passing whim. It is the deliberate choice to rely on Jesus Christ with everything that we have. We must wake up each morning choosing to believe that what Jesus says is true.

She walked right up the their table–the outcasts and unpopular. She sat down and smiled. “Hi, my name is Melany. Can I eat lunch with you today?” She ignored the taunting jokes that were poignantly aimed in her direction from the in-crowd. She focused in on those who needed love.

God-confidence is not cocky, over-bearing, arrogant, or ignorant. God-confidence is humble, joyful, contented, satisfied, and rooted in Christ alone. With Christ as our leader, nothing else matters.

She was satisfied with where God told her to go–to a lunch table of outcasts who were looking for a friend. She encouraged them to step out and get involved with the activities that they enjoyed and ended up discovering a creative writer who became the editor of the school newspaper, a talented musician who had the privilege to lead the orchestra, an athlete that led the high school track team to victory, and an aspiring chef who transformed school lunches. She was so confident in Christ that she reached beyond herself to love others.

Confidence is temporary. God-confidence is eternal–if we choose to believe it.

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