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Am I Worth Waiting For?

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I don’t know your name. I haven’t met you yet, but I pray for you daily. I am praying for your purity. I am praying that you are waiting for me during this very vulnerable stage of your life.

I know it isn’t easy being “the only one” without a date on the weekend. I know how that feels. I know how it feels to go without a date to prom and just go with a group of my buddies. I know how you feel.

I know it isn’t easy listening to your friends talk about what their boyfriends gave them for Valentine’s Day. I have only bought Valentine’s Day gifts for my mom. I am saving my expressions of love for you.

Are you preparing yourself for me? I am getting ready for you. I am actively studying God’s Word and daily seeking His guidance. I am working out physically to stay active and to be healthy for you. I am studying to help create a future for God’s plans for our lives. I am treating the women around me with respect–how I would treat you.

I am saving my most important gift for you. My purity. My first kiss. Many people have laughed at me, but I know that I am doing what God has called me to do in waiting for you alone. I don’t want other girls to experience what only you should experience. I don’t want other girls to hold a piece of my heart because I want to give you all of my heart.

You may be thinking I am not real, but I am. Please wait for me. I am waiting for you. Don’t believe me? Talk to your Heavenly Daddy for a while, He might help you see that maybe I am worth waiting for….

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