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Enjoying Seventeen….

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One thing that I have been learning lately is to just enjoy living exactly where God has me today at seventeen-years-old. I know this probably sounds crazy, like Emily, do you not enjoy being seventeen or something? I love being seventeen, but I all too often try to get to that next step in my life–you know past college and actually knowing what I am going to do with my life. I miss out on being seventeen by trying to grow up too fast. I don’t want to rush through this stage in my life and miss out on enjoying the experience of being a teenager. Experiences like getting my drivers license, my senior year of high school, sleepovers, youth group, and road trips. I will have the rest of my life to think about “grown up” stuff. Now does this mean that I shouldn’t be proactive at all? Nope. I need to work today so that I can enjoy tomorrow, but that comes with a balance. God is teaching me to stop and smell the roses, really smell them. He is showing me who I am, not who I think that other people want me to be. Seventeen. . . a journey of discovery, a journey of contentment and satisfaction–a journey of trusting Jesus with everything that I have.

Seventeen Reasons to Enjoy Being Seventeen:
  1. You will never be “17” again!
  2. It’s the last time you are considered a kid.
  3. You will never be back in high school (unless of course you fail your senior year!).
  4. Learning to drive is an interesting experience–I just got my license today! : )
  5. Your youth group days are almost over so cherish them and step up to lead.
  6. You are finally the “top dog” on campus. Watch out because you are soon to be fresh meat again!
  7. Still no rent bills to worry about paying.
  8. You can still eat and have a metabolism working for you!
  9. First time jobs are so much fun!
  10. You can still go hang out with your friends without thinking about kids, work, or any of that stuff that parents have to think about.
  11. You can still come home to your mom’s homemade meals…..yummy!
  12. You can lower your car insurance by getting good grades at school. Now that is a great deal!
  13. You can still get excited about going to Disney World and getting all of the princesses’ autographs.
  14. Pancakes in funky shapes with m&ms still taste good!
  15. Sleepovers can still happen without it feeling weird.
  16. You can watch the premiere of Camp Rock without looking too cheesy.
  17. God has you at seventeen right now for a reason, so why not enjoy it?!!

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