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How Can I Grow In My Relationship With God?

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13198638_10155013594394152_7634149607107680750_oAlexis Reinsel is an Orange County native and loving married life with her dreamboat husband, Ryan! She is currently serving as a Communication Specialist at Saddleback Church and has a passion for serving our Lord. At an early age, God had planted a desire in her heart to live a life that pours into young women’s lives. She loves the adventure God has her on, especially the surprising twists and turns He guides her through, to her those make for the best becoming stories.






fabi-h-headshot-1Fabi is a natural encourager, believer in people, dependent on Jesus, on a mission for a fearless life. She strongly believes that our ideas, experiences and stories were made to collide for a bigger, better purpose. And that our experiences don’t reach its full impact until it’s a blessing to others. You can find her leading worship at Soul City Church in Chicago, IL, or gathering women together to connect them to God and each other at @Eden_SCC.


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