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How I Start My Day With Jesus ☀️

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The BEST way to start my day? Right here, in this grey chair, cup of coffee in hand, with Jesus. ??⁣

This past weekend at Church of Hope, Pastor Mark taught the truth to find clarity in a world gone crazy, we need to have an awkward conversation with God! And to do so, we need to identify a…⁣
(1) Time⁣
(2) Place⁣
(3) Plan⁣

This is a behind-the-scenes look at my time + place + plan… & this time each day has truly set the foundation for my becoming journey! ⁣

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3 resources I’m loving:⁣
(1) Watch PMC’s teaching at or Hope’s YouTube Channel at⁣

(2) The Armor Study by Priscilla Shirer—incredible Bible Study & the prayer strategy cards I mention in this video.⁣

(3) There are so many great Bible studies in @youversion—simply search by topic!⁣

Warrior friend, what’s your time + place + plan for having conversations with Jesus? Drop a comment & let me know! ??⤵️

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