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How Katniss Everdeen Inspired Me To Take Action With My Life

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I vividly remember one summer when I was obsessed—and I mean literally obsessed—with any and every female warrior story I could get my hands on. When my toes weren’t sinking in the golden Florida sand, I was devouring as many warrior flicks as I could get my hands on. Let’s just say gals like Katniss Everdeen, Calamity Jane, Beatrice Prior, and Elsa became my summer besties. I dove into incredible books like Girls with Swords and Lioness Arising by Lisa Bevere. I began concocting plans for a one-of-a-kind warrior tattoo (which I still haven’t decided on by the way).

And in the midst of these leading ladies’ plot lines, a common thread emerged: they were feisty, fierce, bold, and confident. They overcame their fears, they rallied people who had given up together and re-introduced them to hope, they kicked butt and took names, they stared death in the face…and they won.

It wasn’t coincidence or summer boredom that led me to these heroines’ front doors. Deep down I was aching for something more, for a bravery and strength to rise up within me, within my own story. I was ravenously devouring the stories of warriors hoping I would be inspired to be a warrior too.

I think people look at our stories the same way.

Several months ago, I began dreaming about sharing women’s becoming stories online through video interviews. What began as an idea has developed into 12 women stepping up to the plate and inviting us on their becoming journeys. And you know what’s cool? That number only represents the stories we’ve already pushed “publish” on! Literally dozens of women are sending us their stories sharing their deepest hurts, how they’re overcoming their fears, how God’s showing up, and how’s they’re becoming who God made them to be. There’s not a day that goes by that this doesn’t amaze me.

After each interview—after we say our goodbyes and I’m left alone with my thoughts—I literally pause, speechless. Every time a woman shares her story with me, I see the face of a warrior I was searching Hollywood’s shelves so desperately for. I’m surrounded by women filled with grace and gumption, bravery and strength. Because each time they share their story, they flex their brave muscle just a little bit more, and in doing so, they inspire me to flex mine, too.

Stories inspire us.

They inspire us to take action.

To love.

To live.

To be brave.

To become.

Stories don’t leave us the same way they found us.

And that’s why our stories are oh so important. Don’t take who you are or your journey lightly. You are clothed in purpose (Jeremiah 29:11) and fashioned for greatness. You are known and loved by our incredible God (Psalm 139). You have a story and someone is desperately looking to you for that nudge of inspiration, that reminder that we are warriors, that we can overcome, that we are becoming each and every day.

Will you risk being the warrior that inspires someone else today?

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