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How to Go The Distance in Your Marriage & What To Do When One Of You Messes Up

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How can you go the distance in your marriage? And what should you do when one of you messes up? Grab your coffee & join us as Lee & Kara Brown wrap up our series, REALationships, unpacking these questions with us…

REALationships #10 | How To Go the Distance In Your Marriage & What To Do When One Of You Messes Up from on Vimeo.

Lee and Kara Brown are childhood sweethearts who met on a soccer field in 2006 and married April 9th, 2016. Among many other things, Lee and Kara both love soccer, coffee, photography, and cinematography. Lee serves as a staff pastor at City Light Church, while Kara run her own videography business and serves as “Media Director”, producing the church’s photos, videos, and graphic design. Though the Brown’s have a very special place in their heart for the local church, they believe the Lord has called them beyond the walls of the church to make a difference in the lives of people across the globe.



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