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I Almost Didn’t Do My Hair Today…

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I almost didn’t do my hair today. Life-changing topic? Nope. But as I sipped coffee & jotted notes during my #Next90Challenge coaching session with Rachel Hollis this morning, I leaned in when she challenged: who you are today makes you stronger tomorrow. One of those ways to live intentionally today to be who you were made to be tomorrow? SHOW UP. Get up, get dressed, feel confident in your skin & show up for your life. ⠀

Does that mean you need to be into glitz & glam & make-up & curling irons? Not at all! It means SHOW UP CONFIDENTLY AS YOU! Show up in what makes you put your best foot forward, what makes you feel & radiate confidence… show up in what makes you feel strong!⠀

For me, today that looked like this: curly hair, big hoop earrings, my ‘Not Sorry’ Rachel Hollis necklace, a jean jacket, my Miss Me More Kelsea Ballerini t-shirt, black jeans & some super fun leopard sneakers. Hello, world! And yeah… it put a fresh bounce in my step! It didn’t change what was happening around me, but it did change ME… one of my favorite Rachel Hollis coachings: SAME YOU, NEW MOOD. It was a new mood kinda’ day! ?⠀ ⠀

Warrior friend, we can’t control what’s happening around us, but we can control US—who we are & how we respond! Show up for your life… show up confidently & strong today, learn, grow, & embrace this becoming adventure! I’m cheering you on big time, warrior friend! ????⠀

What’s one thing you wear that makes you feel confident & strong? A specific piece of jewelry? A favorite shirt? A pair of shoes? Make-up? A pair of sunglasses? Let me know!!

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