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I Think I See An Audible Headed My Way!

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Yesterday I saw Disney’s new movie The Game Plan with my Daddy. It was the perfect Daddy/daughter date! The message the movie has to offer is incredible. Every aspect of the movie is perfect because it includes family, dance, football, a love story, and a twist. What more could you ask for?! One of the underlying themes of the movie was adjusting to the curve balls that life throws your way and learning as you grow. Joe (“The Rock”) was a famous Boston football player and he unexpectedly finds out that he has an eight-year-old daughter. One night when he and his daughter have an argument, he tells her that he is learning the daddy role as he goes. He compares life to football and explains an audible. In football, an audible is when you have to change your game plan or take a detour in the middle of a play. In the middle of Joe’s life he experienced an audible–he found out that he had an eight-year-old daughter and he immediately had to join the daddy team. He had to learn how to be a daddy every day through new experiences. The same concept can be applied to my life and to your life. As we walk through our day, new situations and experiences are thrown at us. How we respond is so important. God wants us to experience beauty from pain. When we experience this beauty, we are learning from the pain that we are experiencing and stepping out into a brighter future. When we choose to engage in an audible, we are choosing to grow from the challenges that come our way. Playing an audible doesn’t necessarily mean that your response will be perfect. An audible is all about thinking on your feet. You won’t always have the choice to receive counsel from your parents or write in your journal for a couple hours to figure out what is wrong and the right decision to make. Sometimes life throws us lemons and we need to quickly make lemonade with what we have. The one source that is always with you is Jesus Christ. He will never leave you or forsake you. He is with you as you walk the hallways at school and as you dance in your dance class. He is ALWAYS with you! He will help you with the audibles of life. Choose to engage in His guidance.

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