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Uh-Oh, I’m Worrying Again!

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Do you ever feel that little cringe and huge knot of tenseness in your stomach. You know what I’m talking about, that intense feeling of extreme panic. It is so easy to worry. So many circumstances and responsibilities are thrown our way. It seems like there is no time among my school classes, homework assignments, church-related activities, swim team, family, friends, and just trying to be a leader. This morning I had those panicky feelings as I wondered if I would get all my homework done and have a little time to breathe this afternoon. The key to defeating the giant of worry is to trust God. But, that so is hard. When we are worrying we want to be in control. I know this from my own personal experience. I like to be in control and since I am involved in so many different things my head is spinning out of control a lot! But through that process I need to relinquish my control to Jesus. He is my peace in the midst of craziness. He allows me to rest in His arms. How relaxing! Today as I was stressing out about my many responsibilities, I said a little prayer of surrender to Jesus and you know what, my day was blessed after that! Letting Jesus take the wheel of my life is the best decision I can ever make!

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