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Heart to Heart

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Our hearts are vitally important! My heart is constantly pumping oxygen-rich blood throughout my veins and supplying me with life. Without my heart working for me, I wouldn’t be a normal, living, breathing human being! My heart also has another purpose. My heart is the wellspring of life and out of it springs forth glory to my King. My heart attitude can be healthy and it can sometimes be discouraged. That’s why I need to guard my heart closely. Proverbs 4:23 says, “Keep vigilant watch over your heart; that’s where life starts.” (The Message Remix) I need to carefully keep track of the thoughts that run through my mind and the words that come from my mouth. Am I positive in every situation or is negativity seeping through my skin? If my heart attitude is unhealthy, then the rest of my life is unhealthy. The Bible says that life starts with the heart. If I were to take rotten vegetables and mix them into a beautiful, green salad would you want to eat that salad? Absolutely not! Now the whole salad is gross because parts of it are rotten. It is the exact same way with your heart. When you feed your mind on negativity, your heart becomes disgusting on the inside, but when you feed your mind on positive thoughts and actions your heart will overflow with beautiful praise to God.

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