I Was Made For This!

 In Emily Cummins

Have you ever had one of those moments where it just hits you: I WAS MADE FOR THIS? 2020 has brought challenges… but with the challenge has also come opportunity to adapt, pivot, adjust, try new things & discover purpose in a fresh way.⁣

In the last three months, churches quickly pivoted from in-person gatherings to online… & as Church of Hope made this shift, learning how to best engage with people digitally, I have been reminded of a thread God has woven throughout my life—passion for communicating & engaging with people to discover Hope in Christ & become who God made them to be.⁣

Today at Hope Online, Pastor Mark unpacked this question: what does it mean to live on purpose & for purpose? This teaching was SO GOOD (watch it now on Hope’s YouTube Channel at youtube.com/c/hopeinocala), & a reminder that my purpose isn’t defined by my career, relationship status, a number in my bank account, or where I live.

My PURPOSE is: ⁣
(1) To BE READY for what God is doing.⁣
(2) To BE FLEXIBLE learning & applying daily.⁣
(3) To BE A PARTICIPATOR in what God is doing.⁣
(4) To embrace the truth that in Christ I have UNLIMITED CAPACITY because I am a masterpiece of God! Check out Ephesians 2!⁣

Thankful for this season of growth opportunities… a season to be reminded of passion that sets my heart on fire & God’s faithfulness. And thankful for the leadership of Pastor Mark… how he has leaned in, creatively & intentionally leading people to discover Hope in Christ in the midst of uncertainty is inspiring… I’m honored to be on the Church of Hope team!⁣

Warrior friend, YOU were created by God on purpose, for purpose. Today is a day unlike any other to declare with everything in you: I AM A MASTERPIECE OF GOD… it’s a day to be ready, flexible, a participator, and embrace unlimited capacity. Are ya with me?! Drop a ? in the comments if you’re committed to walking in this truth today!

Author: Emily B. Cummins

Emily Cummins is a University of Florida & College of Central Florida grad who is passionate about partnering with people to become who they were made to be. Emily is the Online Campus Pastor at Church of Hope in Ocala, Florida. She’s passionate about storytelling, good cups of coffee, and jamming to country music. And most importantly, she’s passionately pursuing becoming the woman God made her to be.
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