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The Fight to Flourish

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“It’s not just dirt you’re planted in; its soil with the right nutrients. It’s not just crap you feel stuck in; its the fertilizer you need. You’re not buried with no way out; you’re planted. You’re not taking a lifetime to bloom on the outside; you’re growing a strong and deep root system under the surface. You’re not forgotten; you’ve been sown by a Gardener who fights for you. Let’s grow, girl.” ? Jennie Lusko is bringing the HEAT in #TheFightToFlourish!⁣

God has been teaching me about the word APPLY in this season… we’re surrounded by SO MANY incredible resources—books, podcasts, videos, coaching, & so much more—and they’re great… but even GREATER when we apply what we learn to our lives. Thankful for this reminder that it might feel/seem/appear like we’re up to our eyeballs in dirt… but that the dirt is what we need to truly flourish. ⁣

I’m choosing to APPLY this truth to my becoming story in three tangible ways:⁣
(1) Owning my THOUGHTS & what I SEE. As Jennie beautifully contrasted, I can see dirt or fertilizer. Only I get to choose which one I see… & that begins with how I choose to think.⁣

(2) Embracing the PLANTED life growing deep roots in the truth of God’s Word. Every morning, I’m diving into His Word with a pen in hand, noting what He’s saying & what I need to apply to that day.⁣

(3) I’m THANKING God for the HARD. It’s in the unseen, tough, wrestle-with-God moments that I am growing deeply into who He designed me to be. I wouldn’t trade the tough for anything because of how it is shaping & growing me.⁣

Thankful for FRESH perspective & Jennie Lusko so boldly sharing her becoming story & equipping us to FIGHT to FLOURISH. ??⁣

Hey warrior friend, does this mindset shift resonate with you? Drop a ? & let me know you’re fighting to flourish too! I’m on this journey with you & I’m cheering you on BIG TIME as you’re becoming who God made you to be! ??

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